Anber 4th anniversary party

Your favourite Anber barber shop in Chalandri turns 4 and celebrates it in the most funky way 🎉 An evening full of music with Dj set, dancing, street food and drink. The love of the people and their support during these four years gave us another good reason to celebrate the operation of our business. An evening that will be unforgettable for us and for our guests. We love to get close to the people that not only are our customers but also honors us in every way through our digital channels and our community. Because Anbers are all of you who for so many years have shown us your love in every way and means and you have made us stand out from the common barbershops in Athens. During these 4 years, we build a relationship of life and friendship with all of you as you are our inspiration and motivation to move forward with our every action.