Anbers gives us stylistic suggestions with Athleisure looks by Puma

Stylistic suggestions from the ANBER team Your style is the way you say who you are without even talking and the ANBER BARBER SHOP team knows this well. Our love for street culture, gave us the idea to create a video with stylistic proposals for cool outfits, with our perception. But a good haircut and […]

Puma x Amber Barber Shop Collaboration

Collaboration PUMA x ANBER BARBER SHOP Beware! Beware! PUMA is all around. We know very well that style starts from the “top” but to be considered successful it must be complemented by a proper outfit and the right shoe. So “FROM HEAD TO TOE”. Our love for style could not stop only at the haircut. […]

Anastasios Stavropoulos was chosen as the only Ambassador of Redken Brews in Greece.

Secret Barber by Redken Brews The Secret Barber Seminar by Redken Brews was hosted at the ANBER Barber Shop the “ultimate place to be” / barber shop in Chalandri, by the first brand ambassador in Greece Anastasis Stavropoulos. Got a company, in order to be considered successful, in addition to the impeccable service, it must […]

Haircut & Soles by Sneaker Cage x Anber Barber Shop

Haircut & Soles by Sneaker Cage x Anber Barber shop We love to be involved, especially when is about style! Who knows us, surely knows our madness for fashion and street style! But how many barber shops in Athens do you know that are transported to sneaker shops to offer their services ?! The Anber […]

Anbers turned 4 years old and celebrated it in the most impressive way

Anber 4th anniversary party Your favourite Anber barber shop in Chalandri turns 4 and celebrates it in the most funky way 🎉 An evening full of music with Dj set, dancing, street food and drink. The love of the people and their support during these four years gave us another good reason to celebrate the […]

Anber Barber Shop cuts hair in Avlonas Prisons

ANBER barber shop in Avlona prison Undoubtedly one of the most important actions we have carried out as a team is our mission to the juvenile prisons of Avlona. The team of ANBER Barber shop travels there with the purpose of offering love to the fellow human beings who need us. When you love your […]