Collaboration PUMA x ANBER BARBER SHOP Beware!

Beware! PUMA is all around. We know very well that style starts from the “top” but to be considered successful it must be complemented by a proper outfit and the right shoe. So “FROM HEAD TO TOE”. Our love for style could not stop only at the haircut. With the support of PUMA, we give you stylistic proposals that will frame your cool haircuts, in order to emerge your most stylish self. Our team does not stop generating ideas that will give value to the people who trust us and that is why the love of the people ranks us in one of the top barber shops in Athens. With a modern barber shop in Chalandri and the flagship Barbershop in Syntagma, we welcome people who dare to skyrocket their appearance with the latest fashion trends but also with other classics. This is how we roll 🙂