ANBER barber shop in Avlona prison

Undoubtedly one of the most important actions we have carried out as a team is our mission to the juvenile prisons of Avlona. The team of ANBER Barber shop travels there with the purpose of offering love to the fellow human beings who need us. When you love your job, you take care to improve and evolve every day. But when your work has to do with people, the part of evolution becomes multidimensional. The ANBER barber shop, apart from being a barbershop in Athens, envisions a society of solidarity and love for fellow human beings. We moved for one day our barber shop in Chalandri to the prisons of Avlona, and we offer our services, our love and our knowledge to our fellow human beings there. Because our team believes that through the art of barbering it can offer generous love to those who need it.