Stylistic suggestions from the ANBER team

Your style is the way you say who you are without even talking and the ANBER BARBER SHOP team knows this well. Our love for street culture, gave us the idea to create a video with stylistic proposals for cool outfits, with our perception. But a good haircut and even more a good haircut from the hand of a stylish, expert hairdresser of the coolest barber shop in Chalandri, is always what will skyrocket your style. Check out the video till the end and figure out the new trend in men’s haircuts, which is none other than the “taper”. A technique applied with low fade to the lower parts of the head, such as the neck and the favorites. At the top we keep the length of the hair in order to give the feeling that the hair has a natural direction towards the back. If you are ready to level up your appearance “from head to toe” then all you have to do is book your appointment at the most modern barber shop in Athens.

Dare to be different// dare to be yourself